Gosoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a company under the umbrella of the CP Seven Eleven Public Company Limited, which is now the CP All Public Company Limited. The company was founded on January 1, 2003 by a leading IT organization with diverse experience within the software industry. As a result, gosoft has managed to become one of the global leaders in providing the know-how and the relevant technologies in the areas of hardware, software, software solutions, information services (Information System), in-house application development, system integration, networking, and security systems. In addition, the company also has a Data and Contact Center to provide direct services to our customers. The Data Center is a high level Tier IV facility that has a backup system at various risk points. This is to ensure the safety and the stability of the data. The Data Center is located outside of the business areas. Help desk, Customer Relations Management (CRM), call dispatching and others services are provided 24/7, to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction, and to match the rate of business growth.

What we do

Application Development


System Integrator


Call Service


Professional Service


Data Center



To become the leader in information technology system management
in the arena of world-class retail operations.


To deliver top-quality product and services, designed and implemented to match customers’ needs

To provide Contact Center services with world class standard for maximum customer satisfaction

To enhance customer satisfaction and commitment with our quality team

Gosoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of CP ALL Public Company Limited. The company was established on 1 January 2003 with the purpose of combining all Information Technology departments to form a strengthen group of well-trained experts with highly-advanced skills and cutting-edge technologies in many computer related fields such as hardware, software, and related IT solutions.

Our company aims to be the leading information technology system consulting and development firm in Thailand. We provide a comprehensive coverage of services including In-house Application Development, System Integration, Networking, and Security System.

We also offer a premium-grade Tier IV Data Center, fully equipped with a backup system to ensure stability and security. Our Data Center is safe from harm as it is located in an isolated area.

Our 24/7 Call Service is a hub where our technicians can be reached. We offer full time help desk support,customer relationsmanagement, call dispatch, as well as other related services.