From those experiences gosoft supported large companies such as CP all group and 7-eleven more than 15 years, be able to prove and entrust our IT support to our clients. We can create various technologies and innovation based on our clients’ needs.

Nowadays, we support IT system not only for CP all group, but also Banks, Financial organization, insurance, Airways, logistic company and many companies which are main parts drive our country’s economic system. We send our employees to our clients’ site to help them work with more productivity, efficiently, easy and no threats.

“Taking Care of Your Business”


Business needs to eliminate worries about IT failures. Get your people

Business needs to eliminate worries about IT failures. Get your people out of the day-to-day IT system management and back into your revenue-driven activities. Nowadays, the global economy forces your company to become more agile, productive, and focused, in order to gain competitive advantage over rival competitors and maintain market position. Information-based technology plays a critical role in assisting enterprises to efficiently drive revenue and increase the bottom line for shareholder value.


Gosoft developed the main B2C booking engine and a popular E-commerce platforms for our biggest customers using AWS services. By leveraging AWS services and Gosoft expertise, we can ensure that the system will always be up and running because of the reliability and availability of AWS Technology. The key AWS services used are Cloud Watch, EC2, S3, DMS, and Amazon Kinesis.